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Howdy!! My name is Myah Casado, and my family does the website CayeCaulker.org. We charge $30 a month for a one page site, with a four page site going for $60. There is a $50 setup fee, and changes are free unless its a total rewrite every month! I do not like for the sites to stay static, so new pics periodically and changes for specials, slow times, etc. are welcome. My family does the site from Oregon, and we visit as often as we can.

We are just starting CayeCaulker.org, but we get over 3500 daily visitors on the AmbergrisCaye.com site, and we wouldn't be getting the success for our clients that we have without hard study of search engines and internet technology.

Please review our site at:
http://CayeCaulker.org or
http://AmbergrisCaye.com or
http://BelizeNews.com or

Typically, we get sent a packet with photos, brochures, and additional information. Then we become email pals, exchanging ideas on how our skills can reflect your business to the world. Often many messages are exchanged over the first 6 weeks as we adjust the site to the way that you want it.

For folks who already have a site and are interested in linking from within our site to it, we offer this:

For $30 a month, we will make your site linked from our front page switch, from the island goods and services page, from our popup site navigator, and from every dive page for dive shops. We have many pages on diving, island maps, photographs, etc. and each page has all diving links on it. So your dive service would be linked to from over 20 pages on our site. Your site would also be listed by us on all major search engines, and on the search engine for our site.

We also offer a secure server for credit card transactions at no additional charge.

Please make sure you have full rights to all photos that you expect to use. If you are unsure, contact the original photographer. Scanning the photos and putting them around the world violates the original photographers copyright. Photographs done by professionals are usually limited in use rights. Your attention to this can help keep me and my computer out of the courtroom.

The monthly fee includes scanning all images, on line registration forms, and registration to the major search engines. There is a $50 setup fee for constructing your site, and a six month commitment is required. You supply us the pictures and text, and we create your page. And we can help with images and text if you'd like us to.

Here are two options for putting an CayeCaulker.org WebPage to work for you. If none of these fit your specific needs, we'll design exactly what you want.

All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Option 1: Single Web Page with 3-7 pictures. Or so. text and pictures to fill about three screens scrolling down, and an email button that allows your client to send you email directly.

Option 1 --- $30.00/month

Option 2: Several pages linked to your main web page. 3-7 pictures per page, each page the size of a standard page detailed above. Updates four times per six month period if desired. The client must consider how he would break his business down into areas, and then we can link those areas together. The monthly fee includes scanning all images, on line registration forms, and registration to the major search engines.
Option 2 ---$60/month

Getting Started with CayeCaulker.org! Email us that you want to do it, and drop a check in the mail for your first six month's fee. If you are choosing Option 1, that would be US180.00, Option 2 would be US$360.00. As soon as we get your email, we'll send you a step by step guide to assembling the materials we'll need for creating your site. These will be pictures, things you've written, brochures, etc. We're going to make it easy for you.

Myah Casado
Casado Internet Group

910 W. 16th
Eugene, Oregon 97402

This website built by Myah Casado of Casado Internet Group. Nearly all the pics were taken by Wendy de la Fuente of Caye Caulker Travel and Tour, a few were taken by the Casado bunch, and Kay Scott.

We have just begun the site in April 2000, and will be building and filling it out as time goes along. A website is an organic thing, never done, always changing. Check back as we evolve.

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