Dear Friends:

I'd like to introduce you to "Genesis in the Jungle" seasoning spices . We are a Belizean owned company specializing in condiment mixes that are unique to Belizean cuisineWe sell seasonings in bulk tolocal restaurants, and also offer retail packaged seasoning blends.

As the manager and head cook at Rasta Pasta, a gourmet restaurant here in San Pedro, I have personally tested these recipes completely.When I used these seasonings in our dishes, diners actually went out of their way to ask what they were and where they could get them.

People love our products for several reasons. 1 ) Tourists want to re-live their Belizean memories when they get back home, and some of those memories are from pleasurable culinary experiences. 2) All our seasonings come as a complete package including recipes. The recipe/spice packages are very attractive to cooks, and also make great gifts for friends back home. 3) Caribbean seasoning is very popular around the world right now, and tourists are particularly fond of the "Western Caribbean" seasonings that we offer 4) And of course most tourists like the idea of bringing home some "local flavor" from Belize. Many people are also fascinated with the fact that some of our spices come from the local rainforests.

Our company has really grown in the last two seasons. We began with only our BELIZEAN SEASONlNG which includes Ricado Balls and our SEASONALL which contains no salt or MSG (which some people are allergic to). The response was great. Over time, our product line expanded to include our WESTERN CARIBBEAN RICE AND BEANS mix, BELIZEAN JERK SEASONING; "CHIMOLE or BELIZEAN BLACK DINNER (a Belizean version of "Chicken Soup" that includes both BLACK RICADO, SEASONALL, and the recipe); and BELIZEAN BLACKENING (a version of the Hot & Spicy seasoning of Louisiana). Our special new wine vinegars will also soon be available.

Because our seasonings are a processed package, there is also no problem with taking them into other countries - l have been reassured of this by the U.S. Embassy.


Hot and Spicy Belizean Jerk
A delightful blend of local spices that are excellent for spicing any jerk recipe, such as Jerk Chicken. Bring the taste of Belize home to your doorstep! We dry our own habaneros peppers....

Belizean Black Dinner (Chilmole)
For a fantastic black dinner. All spices included, also a great recipe for the whole dinner. This is the Belizean version of chicken soup.
Belizean Rice and Beans
That special flavor of rice and beans that you get on the island is here for you. This seasoning pack with a few other items from your store will bring you right back... We dry our own culantro...
Belizean Spice with Stew Chicken Recipe
Delicious! Give it a try!
Belizean Blackening with Recipe
Hot & Spicy!
Seasonall (no recipe)
BULK PRICES- all bulk prices per container (approx 1 pound)- US Dollars

Belizean Spice Seasonall

Belizean Jerk
Belizean Blackening
Rice and Beans Mix

We work directly with all of our accounts fiom here in San Pedro. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or to place orders, or just use the online store. We can be phoned at 501-226-3463, or you can email us by clicking here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Albert and Maralyn Gill


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When you're on the island phone 3463.
Open 7am to 9:30pm every day but Wednesday!
We're also the home of Genesis in the Jungle, Belizean Seasonings, Recipes and local wines!

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