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So- strap on your BCD, test your regulator, size those fins, clear those masks and get ready for the dives of your life!!



A day trip consisting of three absolutely spectacular dives, the Blue Hole dive is probably the most significant signature dive for most divers passing through this area. Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, and recently made a World Heritage Site, the Blue Hole is a sunken underwater cave approx. 1000 ft. in diameter and 408 ft. deep. The top of an underwater cave is located at approximately 100 ft. deep. The cave contains stalagmites and stalagtites. Recommended for Advanced Divers, we dive the walls and caverns at 135 ft. A school of black tip sharks live inside the blue hole and can make for a dramatic dive. Bottom time at this depth is 8 minutes. The rim of the blue hole is surrounded by corals and makes for an interesting mandatory safety stop on the way back up. Upon ascent from the Blue Hole, divers are served some type of refreshment to wet what can become very dry mouths when diving.

Then, it is off to the second stop - the Half Moon Caye wall. Half Moon Caye is an island located inside the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Part of the island has been made into a protected area for the local "Booby Birds" that nest there. The waters near the island have also been made into a Marine Park. The second breath-taking dive in this series of really awesome dives takes place here at the wall on Half Moon Caye. Inside the wall area the depth is about 50 - 60 ft. The second dive is done at approximately 70 feet for 40 minutes. We coast along the outside wall. Soft corals abound in this area. It is not unusual to see large sponges and fans protruding from the wall. Try not to drop to the bottom (3,000 ft. below you). The view here is absolutely spectacular. Sightings here, in addition to the absolutely spectacular coral formations, can include barracudas, schools of rays (spotted eagle or manta rays), turtles, sharks. The corals themselves are homes to some of the most colorful fish life on the planet.

After the second dive, decompression time is done on Half Moon Caye island (a 2 min. boat ride), where lunch is also served. After lunch, you may tour the nesting grounds of the protected Booby Birds. A mandatory charge of $10 BZ per person is levied on all visitors to the bird sanctuary or marine park. Be sure to have yours handy when you arrive. There is an observation tower built into the pedestrian trail that allows you to view the birds from a bird's eye view (above the trees). There are many beautiful shells and corals that also wash ashore here. Please remember to bring nothing but footsteps and take nothing but pictures. The wardens will love you for it.

The third dive stop takes place at one of the walls on Turneffe Island. Just as the one before, the views are absolutely awesome. The wall dives are some of the most beautiful dives one can ever do. Each of these three dive spots is located is pristine and virtually untouched areas of the reef. Again, soft corals seem to be popular here on these wall dives. The third dive is done at approximately 50 ft. Bottom time - 40 minutes. I hope you enjoyed your tour!!!
Price $150 per person

The Turneffe Islands are a group of islands located inside the Turneffe Atoll. A reef system that goes around and meets itself again (circular in pattern) is usually referred to as an Atoll. Not many of these exist, with the majority of the ones that do exist are located in the Pacific. Belize is lucky to be the host of three beautiful atolls. Most atolls are created by a past existence of volcanoes, although Belize's atolls seem to be a rarity in this area. The Turneffe Islands are approximately a one hour away by boat from Caye Caulker. This area of Belize is very distant and remote, making it perfect for diving adventures. Because of its vastness and virtual inaccessibility, these waters are synonymous with magical dives.

The Turneffe Dive trip usually consists of either two or three dives, depending on the dive company involved. In any event, all the dives are wall dives and are done on the outer wall of the atoll. Pick a spot, any spot, and the wall will drop to 3,000 ft. below you. Soft corals abound in these areas. It is not unusual to spot turtles, sharks, or ray formations out in the distant blue. Depending on the dive site, there can be huge schools of fish life (I mean HUGE!), in addition to an abundance of very large sponges and soft corals which seem to dominate the underwater landscape in these areas. Crabs, lobsters and colorful fish species are not uncommon either. No one that has ever done this dive trip has ever come back unhappy. It is simply a magical underwater adventure in which you are a welcomed participant!

The dive trip starts at 7:30 a.m. Gear is included. Lunch is provided, as well as the usual tasty treat to cure dry mouth.
Price $90 per person

The Hol Chan dive trip consists of two dives, both done outside the reef area of the marine park. Bottom composition in this area is mainly of coral canyons extending out like fingers from the Barrier Reef. There is an abundance of fish life due to the protected status of the area.

One of your two Hol Chan dives is done in area affectionately known as the "wreck". The "wreck" is really a sunken barge about 30 feet long located in approximately 80 feet of water. The main feature of this dive, however, is not necessarily the "wreck" but the fact that on this dive you are GUARANTEED to see sharks. A colony of curious nurse sharks make this wreck their home, as well as a friendly green moray eel that lives in the front part of the barge. Pet the eel if you dare, but remember that these are still creatures of the wild. Bottom time is 40 minutes at 70 ft.

Decompression time is done inside the reef area in the snorkling area of the Marine Park. Have something to drink (or eat). Plunge into the shallow water and snorkel off for a bit before the next dive.

The second (or first dive) is done just outside the reef, still in an area designated as the Hol Chan Marine Park. It is not unusual to spot schools of rays floating in the distance, or even schools of barracudas. The fish are pretty friendly and hang around out of curiousity. In fact, some are downright extroverts and may come right up to your mask to view you. Bottom composition is the same as above - fingers of coral canyons made up predominantly of hard corals. Dive time is 40 minutes at 50 feet. Enjoy your dives!!!
Price $75 per person

St. George's Caye, the old captial of the country of Belize, is located approximately a 40 min. boat ride from Caye Caulker. Many of the wealthy merchants from the mainland own vacation homes on St. George's Caye. Most of the time, however, most of the homes lay uninhabited.

Less than a mile east of St. George's Caye is one of the most beautiful swimming and diving areas in the world. Just off shore is a patch of white sandy shallowness giving this area a hue of beautiful greens and blues. Having done this dive myself several times, more than once we have spotted dolphins swimming across this sandy patch of white sand. They are easy to spot as a large part of the bottom composition in this area is clear white sand.

At the edge of the sandy area, in approximately 35 ft. of water, starts a coral wall. The bottom of the wall tapers out at about 135 ft. In this 100 ft. depth span lies a very interesting wall. St. George's Caye dives are usually drift dives, which means you can dive to your heart's content. No need to return to your starting point. The boat captain will pick you up wherever you surface.

The wall is an interesting patch of a combination of both soft and hard corals. It consists of many cracks and crevices where you may spot eels, lobsters, barracudas in addition to the many interesting coral formations and other colorful fish life. Both dives are done on different locations along this wall and both are drift dives.

Surface interval time is done on the island of St. George's Caye. There is a restaurant if you're hungry) or you may explore the island if you wish.
Price $75 per person

One of the novelties of diving in this area is the ability to scuba dive at night. Night dives are usually done inside the reef area, at a depth of no more than 35 feet. Since this would be a shallow dive, bottom time is usually one hour (if you wish).

Night dives leave the dock at 5:30 p.m. It is a mere 15 boat ride to the dive spot, usually in the channel area in front of Caye Caulker. Once the sun sets (or before if you wish) we will suit up and enter the water.

Flashlights are provided on night dives. It is an absolutely awesome treat to be able to enjoy the nite critters of the sea. Even though the topography remains the same, the creatures of the night are very much different than the creatures of the day.

In the darkness of the night, the underwater world is transformed into a surreal dream with only a ray of light for guidance (your flashlight). Creatures of the night usually consist of octopuses, lobsters, crabs and other hard shell creatures. The rays, usually busy and active in the daytime, sleep peacefully at the bottom of the ocean at nights. Occasionally sharks are spotted, but these are usually harmless but curious nurse sharks. Colorful parrot fish come out at night. The little shrimp, usually inconspicuous during the day, glow at night with the light of your flashlight.

Night dives are usually breathtaking in themselves, simply because of the mystique the darkness creates. Hop aboard this night dive for an underwater adventure of a lifetime. Gear and water included.
Price $35 per person

Outside the reef area in front of Caye Caulker lay many fingers of coral usually referred to by the natives here as "Coral Canyons". These line the entire length of the reef area in front of the island. In between the "coral canyons" are patches of white sand, caused by the wave action against the reef. The canyons themselves are usually one or two stories high. Depending on where you are (beginning or end of the canyon) the widths can range anywhere from 50 to 100 feet wide.

Both dives are done among the "canyons" in this area.

Bottom time on these "canyon' dives is spent coasting in and out of these magnificent coral formations. Composition of the canyons is usually of hard corals. Because of the hardiness of the corals, many fish species use these formations as their places of refuge. It is possible to see lobsters and crabs in between the corals. Lots of fans, some with colorful sea snails attached, can be found. It is also possible to spot turtles, sharks and barracudas in this area. Many colorful fishes of different hues are also plentiful. Occasionally, the rays stop by to visit.

Surface interval is done in a shallow protected area inside the reef affectionately known as "Shark and Ray Village". In waist deep water, you can wade or snorkel among dozens of sharks and stingrays. These creatures have become national treasures to us. You may pet a stingray (or the stingray will pet you) or touch a shark. As unbelievable as it sounds, bring a camera to capture the moment. Your friends may not believe you.

Please remember, though, that these are still wild creatures.
Price $70 per person

Diving Packages

(Prices are per person, double occupancy. Please ask for our special rate for four or more persons in a group):

Park Dive Special: 4 day / 3 night package

($549 U.S. per person, based on double occupancy. Special rates for groups of 4 or more):

Price includes:

  • 3 nights accommodations at Chateau Giselle (www.chateaugiselle.com)
  • 5 dives
  • Air Transportation to / from International Airport and Caye Caulker

Dive And Snorkel Special: 8 days / 7 night package

($949 U.S. per person, based on double occupancy. Special rates for groups of 4 or more).

Price Includes:

  • 7 nights accommodations at Chateau Giselle (www.chateaugiselle.com)
  • 6 dives
  • Manatee Watching and Snorkeling Trip (Full Day)
  • Hol Chan Marine Park Snorkeling Trip (Full Day)

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